[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Clippers (2-0) defeat the Golden State Warriors (0-1), 141-122【赛后帖】洛杉矶快船(2胜0负)今日以141-122打败金州勇士(0胜1负)。莱昂纳德21分5篮板9助攻,帕特森20分3篮板,祖巴茨16分10篮板2封盖,路威22分3篮板8助攻,哈雷尔18分6篮板3助攻,哈克利斯10分3助攻;库里23分4篮板4助攻,拉塞尔20分8助攻,罗宾逊三世13分5篮板,格林11分4篮板3助攻,帕斯卡尔14分4篮板,埃文斯14分4篮板。————————[–][GSW] Kevin Durant saserumonoka 836 指標 3小時前Don’t let the score fool you, it wasn’t that close勇士球迷:别被比分骗了哦,竞赛局面没这么挨近[–]xlmtothemoon 26 指標 3小時前 my mom walked in so I turned on porn我看竞赛的时分我妈进来了,我赶忙换成了毛片[–]Bulls TheVindicator07 7 指標 3小時前Someone was getting fucked either way.公牛球迷:横竖总有人被干呗[–]Lakers Shotgun96 109 指標 3小時前 This honestly makes me feel much better about the Lakers game 1 lol.湖人球迷:说真的,看了这场竞赛,我对我湖的第一场失利感觉舒适多了,哈哈哈[–]Clippers ElDuderino_92 28 指標 3小時前 I still think that game is my favorite to date. Back and forth was amazing快船球迷:我仍然觉得那是我最喜爱的一场。两边打得有来有回啊[–]Clippers zcd29 37 指標 3小時前 It feels weird to say, but damn it’s good to be a clippers fan right now快船球迷:说来有点古怪啊,但是呢,现在感觉做一个船蜜很爽[–]KemoFlash 35 指標 3小時前 The Clippers did to the Warriors what the Warriors used to do to everybody else.快船今日对勇士做的事,便是勇士曾经对其他队做的事。[–]Clippers ActionHank9000 68 指標 3小時前 I always wondered if the Warriors had fun killing other teams. Let me tell you that it feels amazing快船球迷:我一向都很猎奇,勇士曾经处处欺负人是什么感觉。现在我能够告知你,很过瘾![–][UTA] Joe Ingles NitroXYZ 207 指標 3小時前 Call em Golen State because they’ve got no D爵士球迷:叫他们“Golen State”吧,由于他们没有D(防卫)。[–]Knicks whitemexicanguy 68 指標 3小時前 Are the clippers good or the warriors not good?尼克斯球迷:到底是这支快船太强仍是勇士菜?[–]Clippers Damion2017 112 指標 3小時前it’s a mix honestly warriors D was Atrocious快船球迷:都有吧,勇士的防卫一滩烂泥。[–]Warriors 2017Champs 8 指標 3小時前 This has real potential to be a long year勇士球迷:这摊烂泥很可能会持续整个赛季。[–][MIL] Marquis Daniels yungtito 53 指標 3小時前 for just a small donation of 8 million dollars a year, you can find the golden state warriors a usable wing雄鹿球迷:只需稍稍捐出800万,你们就能找一个有用的侧翼哦![–]Warriors Charlie_Wax 25 指標 3小時前 What is the status of Latrell Sprewell’s family? Have they been fed lately? If he needs some spare pocket change, we can run it back.勇士球迷:斯普雷威尔(退役后穷困潦倒)的家人现在过得咋样?最近吃得饱穿得暖不?要是他缺钱用了,能够找咱们啊[–]Warriors TheLittleBiki 520 指標 3小時前*The receipts for the past 5 years are here lolWe’re gonna get everyone’s A game all season and our roster is too shit to be able to handle it. PatBev was revving the team up like they were out to play the 2015-2018 Warriors, except this is the 2019 Warriors and holy fuck they’re playing so many scrubs it’s unreal.Wouldn’t be surprised if we missed the playoffs.勇士球迷:这场竞赛便是咱们过往五个赛季的收成了,哈哈哈一个赛季下来,人人都能在咱们这儿吃顿饺子,咱们这阵型屎相同,压根无法抵挡。贝弗利还挺把这支勇士当回事儿,惋惜这是19年的勇士咯,菜的不可啊。要是咱们进不了季后赛我也不古怪。[–]Clippers youlikeithuhfoo 94 指標 3小時前 But when that 3 headed guard line up gets rolling, any team with no all defensive 1-3 is going to be in trouble.快船球迷:可要是你们那套三后卫阵型有用工作的话,那些1-3号位防卫一般的球队就会很费事的。[–]Wizards WallStar206 112 指標 3小時前 What 3 headed guard lineup? Steph, DLo, GR3?奇才球迷:啥三后卫阵型?库里、拉塞尔、罗宾逊三世?[–]Azee2k 44 指標 3小時前 I assume he’s talking about once klay gets back我猜他说的是克莱复出吧[–]Thunder topofthecc 27 指標 2小時前 Klay almost certainly isn’t coming back this year, though.雷霆球迷:克莱这赛季必定不复出了。[–]Heat Number333 375 指標 3小時前Jacob Evans, Eric Paschall, and Glenn Robinson III were the Warriors 3rd, 4th, and 5th leading scorers tonight.Don’t even try to tell me one of those players aren’t real. They all sound plausible compared to each other.热火球迷:雅各布-埃文斯、埃里克-帕斯卡尔、罗宾逊三世是勇士今晚队内3-5号得分手。别跟我说这些人听着不像NBA球员,他们相互比比还挺像那么回事儿的。————————[–][MEM] Mike Conley Username3009 236 指標 3小時前I watched the entire 4th quarter.AMA灰熊球迷:我看完了整个第四节,你们有啥想问的[–]Spurs mdivan 66 指標 3小時前 what are you doing with your life马刺球迷:你为啥跟自己过不去[–][MEM] Mike Conley Username3009 13 指標 1小時前* Because I was watching the game at work and doing my job was only marginally worse than watching that 4th quarter.灰熊球迷:由于我是上班时刻看球啊,看第四节竞赛仍是比工作好那么一丢丢吧[–]Clippers Cogito3 13 指標 2小時前 what’s your opinion on our rookies?快船球迷:那你觉得咱们的菜鸟体现咋样?[–][MEM] Mike Conley Username3009 22 指標 1小時前I like the way they ran their drills with intensity. They were running around those training dummies like they were in the 4th quarter of a real NBA game.猛龙球迷:我很喜爱他们高强度演练攻防套路的方法。他们绕着那些木桩跑的姿态,就像是真的在打一场NBA的第四节竞赛。[–]Spurs Hawksx4 454 指標 3小時前What’s terrifying is that the Clippers aren’t even in their final form.马刺球迷:最恐惧的是,这支快船还没到终极状况。[–][LAL] Brandon Ingram MasterOberon 24 指標 3小時前 This Clippers depth is gonna preserve Kawhi and George. It’s truly scary how good their depth is湖人球迷:这快船的深度能够维护小卡和乔治啊。他们的阵型深度太可怕了。[–]Trail Blazers fowaddaud 184 指標 3小時前 Not to overreact over two games, but a good chunk of people were saying they shouldn’t be considered favourites and likely won’t be a top 3-4 seed. This team is so deep, they could not have PG for the whole season and would still be contenders开拓者球迷:这才两场竞赛,我也不想反响过度,但是呢,之前许多人都说快船算不上夺冠抢手,并且他们排在西部前四的可能性不大。这支球队太有深度了,即使他们整个赛季都没有乔治,仍然是争冠抢手。[–]Spurs Hawksx4 120 指標 3小時前 I was saying this to a coworker today. After that Laker game I was amazed at their depth and their ability to dramatically change the pace of the game by just putting in their non starters. It’s crazy the type of lineups they can put together at any point in the game. This team is something else.马刺球迷:我今日也是这么跟搭档说的。他们打完湖人我就很吃惊他们的阵型,还有光靠板凳就能掌控竞赛节奏的才干。他们能够排出多种阵型。这队有点东西的。[–]Trail Blazers fowaddaud 92 指標 3小時前 Lots of people didn’t watch them last year, so they thought the team was just Lou Will and Beverly, and some people knew about Trez too. But there’s a solid 8-9 starting caliber players on this team, and that’s going to be extremely tough for people to deal with.开拓者球迷:许多人上赛季没看快船竞赛,所以觉得他们只有路威和贝弗利,部分人也知道哈雷尔。但是这个队里有8-9个首发实力等级的队员啊,这是很欠好抵挡的。[–][LAC] Sam Cassell sakata32 89 指標 3小時前 This sub was upvoting comments that said lakers had better depth. Its so clear most did not watch us play last year at all.快船球迷:之前那些说湖人更有深度的谈论都被高亮了。很明显了,大多数人上赛季压根就没看咱们竞赛。[–]Spurs Hawksx4 39 指標 3小時前 That is such a dumb take. Even last year you could see the talent of their guys coming off the bench. I’m excited to watch how the Clips play this season, way more so than the Lakers.马刺球迷:那种说法太蠢了。即使是上赛季,也能看出你们那些候补的天分。我很等待快船本赛季的体现,这种等待比湖人多太多了。[–][OKC] Kevin Duran t-Elij4h- 178 指標 3小時前 Clippers are looking super scary… and I kinda like it.雷霆球迷:快船现在形似超级吓人啊……我有点喜爱哦[–]Clippers ProphetPenguin 117 指標 3小時前 Thank you OKC. Take care of Shai and Gallinari for us.快船球迷:感谢OKC!照顾好亚历山大和加里纳利哦[–][OKC] Kevin Durant -Elij4h- 67 指標 3小時前 Will do. You guys go out and get my boy PG a ring.雷霆球迷:妥妥的。你们赶忙帮我家乔治拿个冠军[–]Clippers SuckMyLonzoBalls 17 指標 3小時前Part of me wishes we kept Gallo Shai and our draft picks.快船球迷:我还期望咱能留住亚历山大和那几个选秀签[–]Clippers Cogito3 16 指標 2小時前 same. hopefully that part gets a lot smaller when pg13 starts playing.快船球迷:我也是,期望等乔治复出后,就没这种主意了吧[–]Warriors bilyl 17 指標 3小時前 I’d like to describe them as Raptors but way more stacked.勇士球迷:我把这支快船称之为豪华版猛龙[–]Lakers Kintsugiheart 44 指標 3小時前A better Raptors with a top ten player still out lmfao.Fucking Jerry West.湖人球迷:有着前10等级超巨的更强的猛龙。沙雕韦斯特![–]UncertainCats 37 指標 3小時前Jerry West isn’t even a full time employee for them.Give the majority of the credit to Lawrence Frank and Michael Winger. They’re legit.韦斯特乃至都不是快船全职干呢。大部分劳绩是裁劳伦斯-弗兰克(快船篮球运营总裁)和迈克尔-温格(快船总经理)的,他们的确凶猛啊。[–]Raptors Styllfresh 24 指標 3小時前 Almost 8 players scored double digits for the Clips and Bev with 5/3/5/5 steals wtf, this is happening without their second superstar on the court.. playmaking is no issue at all since Kawhi commands so much gravity and attention on the court he can set up his teammates from his dribble penetration iso midrange parlour of moves. Championship level depth from the roster on paper and IRL猛龙球迷:快船今日简直有8名球员得分上双,贝弗利5+3+5+5,我尼玛,他们的第二超巨还不在呢……进攻的安排不是问题,由于小卡的球星引力太强了,他能够使用自己的中距离单打浸透为队友做球。纸面上看,这便是冠军球队的阵型深度。[–]Pelicans LookLikeUpToMe 50 指標 3小時前I for one welcome our new Clipper overlords. Compared to previous superteams, I’m having a hard time hating. This team is dope.鹈鹕球迷:我个人关于新的领主快船表明欢迎。比起之前的那些超级球队,我对他们厌烦不起来。这个队太炫了。[–]fingerpoppinjoe 71 指標 3小時前I don’t think any team is going to be able to stop the clippers in playoff mode unless they become riddled with injuries. I know it’s two games in (no shit), but adding Paul George to arguably the deepest roster in the league with the best sixth man ever and arguably the best player in the league is just ridiculous.I say this all as a lakers fan我觉得没有任何球队能在季后赛里拦住快船,除非他们伤兵满营。我知道,这才两场竞赛,但是再加上乔治,他们这个阵型深度真算是联盟最强的,究竟还有联盟最强第六人,联盟第一人,这太难以想象了。我是湖蜜……[–]Lakers IMissMyZune 26 指標 3小時前 I agree.But you could say the same about the 73-9 Warriors before they blew a 3-1 lead in the nba finals湖人球迷:我赞同。不过当年那支73胜9负的勇士也能够这么说啊,但是他们在总决赛3-1时被翻盘了[–]Lakers inyourfeelings78 23 指標 3小時前 We’ll know by Christmas.湖人球迷:比及圣诞节再看吧————————[–]Clippers lm2lm 35 指標 3小時前 The clippers blew out the warriors….it’s been many years快船球迷:快船狂虐勇士……真的是此一时、彼一时啊[–]Clippers the-kza 171 指標 3小時前we are now entering the Patrick Patterson era快船球迷:咱们现在进入了帕特森年代![–][LAC] Chris Paul nebmershaq 53 指標 3小時前 We got Paul George to lure in Patterson快船球迷:咱们之前引入乔治其实是为了套来帕特森![–]Clippers -TrustTheProcess- 22 指標 2小時前 Damn sorry PG13 but we don’t need you anymore快船球迷:靠,对不住了乔治,咱们用不上你了[–]Clippers clipperw2014 14 指標 2小時前He can fill in for Mo harkless on load management days.快船球迷:哈克莱斯歇息的时分,能够让乔治顶顶[–]Raptors The_Unknown98 605 指標 3小時前 Patrick Patterson scored 20 points. His first 20 point game since 2014.猛龙球迷:帕特森这场拿了20分啊,他这是他2014年往后的首场20分[–]Raptors dr_crackgeek 8 指標 2小時前As a Raptors fan, I’m not sure what pisses me off more.The fact that the Clippers look really good with KawhiOrThe way Patrick Patterson was shooting lights out猛龙球迷:作为龙蜜,我也不知道哪个让我更不爽,到底是这支有了小卡的快船很强呢,仍是帕特森投得这么准呢?[–]Warriors CJleaf 133 指標 3小時前 He kept making the threes geezus christe. I mean the Warriors defense was ass, still great shots.勇士球迷:他三分雨下个不断啊,苍了天了。我勇防卫是菜,但是他那些篮子也的确准啊。[–]NBA WakandaFist 29 指標 3小時前* I mean he and Jamychal were left wide open several times..他和贾麦考被勇士防空好屡次……[–]Clippers boatsnprose 26 指標 2小時前 Everyone is sleeping on JaMychal. Dude is money.快船球迷:你们都不把贾麦考当回事,这哥们儿不水的。[–]Thunder RussWestbrookMVP2k17 177 指標 3小時前I repeat, where the fuck was this man last season.雷霆球迷:我再说一遍,帕特森这货上赛季是演咱们吗?![–]Thunder westzod 19 指標 2小時前 We sacrificed him for Morris who didn’t gel with the team. Kinda sad really.雷霆球迷:咱们为了莫里斯献身了他,可莫里斯仍是没融入球队。有点难过啊[–]Thunder pinata26 15 指標 2小時前Had to try something, Patterson was awful.雷霆球迷:做得做点啥吧。其时帕特森的确菜啊[–][GSW] Stephen Curry klayylmao 159 指標 3小時前 Somehow when role players join the thunder they lose their 3 point shooting勇士球迷:也不知咋地,人物球员去了雷霆之后就没了三分技术包。[–]NBA sheeeeeez 174 指標 3小時前 Magic-KareemJordan-PippenShaq-KobeLeBron-WadeTrez-Lou魔术师-贾巴尔乔丹-皮蓬奥尼尔-科比哈雷尔-路威[–]Clippers undiagnosed_autism 39 指標 3小時前Far out. Another 60+ bench performance快船球迷:飘了飘了,又是一场60+的板凳得分————————[–][CHA] Dwayne Bacon ImAroosterAMA 35 指標 3小時前Kawhi only having to play 21 minutes against the warriors… never thought I’d see the day.黄蜂球迷:小卡对勇士竟然只打了21分钟……压根就没想过会有这么一天[–]Nuggets SmarkInProgress 226 指標 3小時前 Beating them in the finals just wasn’t enough for Kawhi, he had to go and beat them in their first game inside their brand new arena too.掘金球迷:对小卡来说,在总决赛里打败勇士还不行,他还要在对方簇新的球馆的揭幕战里打败他们。[–]Spurs Mr_CockSwing 37 指標 3小時前 Kawhi should just sign 1 year contracts with every team in the league and get everyone 1 championship马刺球迷:小卡应该和每支球队只签一年合约,每个队拿个冠军。[–]Warriors Produceher 6 指標 1小時前 He keeps this up, no NBA player will ever be able to wear the #2.勇士球迷:要是他持续这么搞,那NBA没人能穿2号球衣了。[–][SAS] Kawhi Leonard RedditThisBiatch 19 指標 3小時前 Point Kawhi has been UNLOCKED马刺球迷:控卫卡解锁成功!!![–][LAL] Lonzo Ball blaisec00 103 指標 3小時前 I’m really impressed with Kawhi’s playmaking and ballhandling thus far. People usually call him a ‘two-way’ superstar, but if he keeps this up he’ll truly have a complete game.This Clippers team is scary湖人球迷:小卡的安排和控球真的让我眼前一亮啊。咱们一般叫他攻防一体超巨,可他要是持续这么打,那他真的会十分全面。这支快船太恐惧了。[–][NYK] Frank Ntilikina AnimalRomano 42 指標 3小時前 What? He carried the raptors to a title as the main offensive weapon while doing good at the defensive side, and with the spurs he made LeBron and Wade sweat for most of their baskets while flourishing as a offensive weapon.He is the definition of a two-way player.尼克斯球迷:什么?他上赛季但是一路凯瑞猛龙夺冠的,不但是首要的进攻兵器,并且防卫也凶猛。并且在马刺的时分,他进攻端开花的一起,防卫端也让詹姆斯和韦德这种球员无法容易得分的。他界说了“攻防一体”![–][GSW] Kevin Durant shanetrey5 27 指標 3小時前 I don’t think they were denying that he’s a two way player, they’re saying he can go even further and be near flawless勇士球迷:我觉得人们之前没有否定小卡的攻防一体,仅仅觉得他还能持续前进,到达简直无死角的境地。[–]Spurs nokarmawhore 17 指標 3小時前His playmaking has improved a lot this season so far. He still looks a bit stiff when passing but a lot smoother than last year马刺球迷:他的进攻安排才干这个赛季提升了许多。传球的时分仍是有点僵硬,不过比上赛季要柔软多了。[–][SAS] Kawhi Leonard RedditThisBiatch 77 指標 3小時前 Kawhi gonna average 30mins or less this season, play 70games and still be fresh as hell for the PlayoffsThats how DEEP this Clippers are.马刺球迷:小卡这个赛季场均进场时刻大约能控制在30分钟,乃至更少,打个70场竞赛,到了季后赛仍然能生龙活虎。这便是快船阵型深度的恐惧之处。[–]Clippers namhtes1 32 指標 3小時前 His minutes will probably go down even more when we add Paul George快船球迷:乔治回来后,他的进场时刻或许还会削减。[–]Clippers Menthos5 126 指標 3小時前* "Gonna be a tough time for Kawhi playing 40 mins a night trying to get Ws for the Clippers till PG comes back.""There won’t be much load management for PG and Kawhi with the Clippers in the tough west"Yeah Kawhi played 21 mins against the Warriors.Checks schedule for the next game.Suns lol.快船球迷:之前你们说乔治回来之前小卡在快船欠好打啊,每场竞赛得打个40分钟才干赢球啊”“小卡和乔治在快船不会有太多歇息时机的,由于西部竞赛剧烈啊”没错,小卡对勇士就只打了21分钟。来看看咱们下一个对手。哟,太阳啊,哈哈哈[–][PHI] Charles Barkley JustinSaneCesc 21 指標 3小時前 Don’t sleep on the Suns. They’re undefeated this season76人球迷:别瞧不起太阳哦。他们本赛季坚持不败呢。[–]Jazz mariojt 65 指標 3小時前 lose 147-148 in 4OT lmao爵士球迷:通过4加时,快船147-148输球[–][DEN] Gary Harris icangetyouatoedude 39 指標 3小時前 Booker drops 95 points掘金球迷:布克狂砍95分[–]Clippers Parskastan 37 指標 3小時前Ayton is out, we have a chance快船球迷:艾顿禁赛了,咱们有时机赢球咯[–]Bulls TheVindicator07 21 指標 3小時前 Yeah, but now you gotta face the Australian Hammer Aron Baynes for 48 minutes. Good luck with that.公牛球迷:是这么个状况,但是现在你们得整场竞赛都面临澳洲铁锤贝恩斯哦。祝你们好运!————————来历:Reddit编译:云长刮个痧a.topic-link {margin: 10px auto;display: block;width: 600px;}.topic-box {width: 600px;height: 75px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101388748.png’) repeat-x;margin: 0 auto;position: relative;}.topic-thumb {position: absolute;left: 5px;top: 3px;height: 69px;width: 92px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_170919/zt_3111505780239.jpg’) no-repeat;background-size: 100% 100%;}.topic-angular{position: absolute;right:0;top:0;width:46px;height:42px;background:url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101463680.png’) no-repeat;}.topic-box b {position: absolute;left: 105px;right: 15px;color: white;line-height: 75px;overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;white-space: nowrap;}美帝键盘侠—歪果仁精彩谈论汇总